​We are the Spindletop Cavaliers. Since 1985 we have been the Golden Triangle region's fencing club.

So you had a long day of work or school. You just want a bit of escape. So... what?


Television? Internet? Just for a few minutes, right? Yeah, right, but you are just sitting around.


Fencing is a great alternative. First, it IS a great escape from the humdrum world AND it is active! Forget fantasies of Jedi Warriors or Pirates of the Caribbean or Musketeers. Actually step into that world, even if just for an hour or so! Wield a blade. Defend yourself with only your skill between your body and your adversary's sword point!


Fencing has history, being a sport descended from the Duel of Honor. It has romance in being associated with the likes of Cyrano de Bergerac and D'Artagnan. It is a physical sport that has been a part of every one of the modern Olympic Summer Games since they began in 1896. It is especially great as a family experience. Very often siblings, parents and children, even grandparents and children learn to fence together. Have a hard time tearing the kids from the television or computer? Once they have held their first foil and donned their first fencing mask, they become active participants in a world they previously only viewed as spectators.


Fencing is an activity in which all ages can participate. You can learn alongside your child and get a good workout too. The physical activity is complemented by the mental play in fencing as you have to solve the problems presented by your opponent to score points. This gets your children learning action/reaction as well as basic strategy without ever working to teach them.


And, of course, you will be swordfighting! How cool is that?



The Cavaliers!

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